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India on economic Reformation: Ganga

Minister for Industries Chander Prakash Ganga addressed a public gathering in Arnia area of Bishnah Constituency along with Ex- MLA Ashwani Sharma.

While speaking on the occasion of the completion of three years of good governance of NDA Government at the Centre under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ganga said that the Central Government has given a plethora of schemes for the welfare of the public. He referred to the achievements of Modi Government especially the “Demonetization”, “Digital India” and “Swacchhta Abhiyaan”. “Under PM Modi India has entered era of economic reformation “, he added.

He said that the participation of the general public is very important for the true development of any area, so a better relationship must be maintained in between the public representatives, public administration and the public. BJP acting on this particular idea has decided to send a number of Vistaraks (Whole Timers) into the constituencies other than their home areas so that they could bridge in any gap between all the stake holders and any shortcoming of the Government can promptly reach the decision makers.

He said that there are at least 92 works of the present Government that are initiated for direct benefit to the public. He also made a remark that opposition has admitted that Narendra Modi will remain PM till 2024, but we are of firm view that due to his pro-people policies, he will be there on the top post at least till 2029.

Ashwani Sharma, while addressing the gathering said that the BJP is cadre based party that is committed to the “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas”. He said that this is the only party which is based on the perfect democracy where a root level worker can reach to the top position of the party. He asked the party workers to work whole heartedly for the party and the public.

Ashwani Sharma while speaking on the occasion said that asked the party workers to take the achievements of the Centre and the State Government to the common masses so that every single person can take the benefit of the schemes initiated for them.

Brijesh Rana, Vijay Saini, Ramesh Saini, Shilpi Verma, Choudhary Bishan Lal, Naresh Sharma, Rajiv Gupta were among the prominent persons present on the occasion.