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BJP stands committed to its principles: Balbir

Terming the accusations of former Minister & Senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla as fulminations of a frustrated person who is not even now reconciled to being out of power, BJP made it clear that the party has never given up its fundamental principles and stands by its basic ideology and commitments.
BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, while making it clear that the party has neither been power hungry nor it compromised on its principles for chair, said that infact it has been Congress and its leaders who adopted double standards and changing colors like a chameleon while in power and out of power.
“As far election slogan, BJP had promised to end corruption which was endemic during Congress rule and Raman Bhalla must accept the reality that not even a single instance of corruption has surfaced during ten month rule of BJP in coalition with PDP”, Balbir said and added that the state had achieved the distinction of being the second most corrupt state in the country during Congress rule and in which Raman Bhalla was a prominent and influential minister.
Balbir said that the Congress ruled the state for decades and its leaders had no time to ponder on delimitation, discrimination with Jammu, agony of refugees and Kashmiri migrants, Dogras honour, disbanding of Custodian Department and conferment of ownership rights to tenants of Evacuee properties and so on.
“The esteemed Congress leader is now recalling and shedding crocodile tears on all these issues after having lost power”, said Balbir further adding that these are attempts to mislead and misinform the people as Congress had forgotten these long pending issues which remained unresolved because of the absence of the will on part of the successive government of Congress.
Declaring that BJP remains irrevocably committed for the cause of people of the Jammu and the state, Balbir said that resolving these long festering issues, which are the legacy of Congress misrule, will take some time. The problems created by Congress over many decades cannot be wished away and resolved without sustained efforts, said BJP State Spokesperson and reminded its leader that misdoings of decades take time to get resolved.