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BJP State Working Committee meeting held at Samba

One day State Working Committee meeting was held at Samba that commenced with the lighting of the traditional lamp and by offering floral tributes to the portrait of Bharat Mata, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, Pt. Deen Dayal and Pt. Prem Nath Dogra by State Leaders which inter-alia included Deputy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh, Member Parliament (Lok Sabha) Jugal Kishore. Dr. Nirmal Singh, Jugal Kishore and State Vice President Bharat Bhushan were seated on the dais at the time of starting of the meeting at 10:00 a.m.  who were later on joined by MoS PMO Dr. Jitendra Singh, MLC Ashok Khajuria and BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma. The meeting started by paying respects to those BJP men who had expired or were bereaved during the last three months.

Sat Sharma while addressing the members of the Working Committee said that we should not get distracted by the propaganda of the opposition parties with regard to the historical decisions and schemes launched by the Central Government under the Prime Ministership of Narendra Modi. The decisions taken by Modi are of seminal importance and will leave lasting positive effect on the country and its economy. The demonetisation is a step which will ensure an economy without black money and result in the unleashing of the full potential of the India. The coalition government in the state is also not lagging behind in carrying forward the minimum common development programme on the basis of which the BJP entered into coalition with PDP, he added.

Dr. Jitendra Singh laid political resolution before the Working Committee and said that the resolution enumerates various decisions taken by the central government during the last three months which have been historic and show the total and complete commitment of Narendra Modi to make India a great nation in the comity of the world nations. He said that demonetisation and the crusade launched to make India a cashless economy is a move to leap frog the country into the futuristic 21stcentury in the real sense. Notwithstanding Congress and its cohorts opposition to the demonetisation and its efforts to incite the public against the government and to rake it up as a anti-people and anti-poor move has utterly failed which demonstrates that the Indian public is with Narendra Modi and fully supports its actions to curb black money. Dr. Jitendra Singh came heavily on Congress and other parties for trying to find fault with the rehabilitation package for the refugees from West Pakistan and PoJK and demanded that these parties must inform the public as to how much relief had been provided by these parties when they were in power since 1947. The political resolution was fully endorsed by the Working Committee after it was seconded by Cabinet Minister Chandar Parkash Ganga. Ganga who mentioned the various achievements of the BJP that were mentioned in the resolution.

Dr. Nirmal Singh highlighted the achievements and the schemes launched by the state coalition government in his address to the working committee. He said that clearing the total chaos and mis-management which had been the abiding characteristic of the previous government will take time. The good work being done by the state government has started showing results. The power blackouts have become rare and the roads which are being now laid out will last for very long as international specifications are being strictly adhered. After a gap of many years elections to the grass root forums like panchayats are being planned and will be held in the very near future so that the problems at the village level get addressed meaningfully and effectively.  The BJP is committed to the democracy and to ensure that welfare measures reach to the poorest and last man in the queue. He further stated that the party is committed to Ek Atam Manavad of Pt. Deen Dayal Updhayaya which means unity, upliftment and enlightenment of the soul.

Jugal Kishore Sharma also highlighted the large number welfare schemes launched by the central government for the progress and upliftment of the poorest of the poor of the country and of every segment of the society and region.

State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul laid before the Working Committee the programmes related to the marking of birth centenary years of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhayaya.

District President Samba Jangbir Singh presented the welcome address and the proceedings were conducted by State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria while as State Secretary Sanjay Baru read the minutes of previous Working Committee Meeting. The hall were the meeting was held was named as Bansi Lal Bharti Sabhaghar.