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Effective leadership, Policy & Planning of Modi Government lead to control spread of COVID-19 in Country: Sh. Kavinder  Gupta

Former Deputy Chief Minister along with State secretary BJP- Sh. Arvind Gupta and Sh. Vinay Gupta- District President visited quarantine centers to meet the persons who are being brought to J&K using road or rail means are being quarantined in the centers. Others who accompanied Gupta were Sh.  Varinderjeet Singh, Sh. Naresh Singh, Sh. Ankush Gupta, Sh. Tilak Raj and Sh. Lucky Puri.  Gupta said that the Government is very aware about its responsibilities towards its citizens. He added that after two months of lockdown in country amid COVID-19, certain relaxations were given to citizens and transportation permissions allowed to the native places to stranded persons, may it be interstate, intra state or inter countries. Increasing number of the inbound persons is increasing and the Govt machinery working round the clock to facilitate to accommodate all such persons in the quarantine centers to tackle the spread of COVID-19.   He said that natural calamities and COVID-19 like epidemic can come but we will not allow people to suffer because of that. Gupta added that under the leadership, effective policy & planning by Prime Minister Modi, we have been successful to control the spread of COVID-19 unlike other advanced countries. India being 2nd most populated Country across Globe and still categorized in ‘Developing Country’ has 18 cases/million of population as compared to sky touching graph of developed countries besides the fact that they have contingency management plans and effective healthcare system, whereby they still are not able to control the spread of Epidemic effectively.  Gupta added that we Indian should behave sensibly and follow the preventive measures as notified by the Union Government or the respective State Governments.

Persons in the centers brought some problems to the notice of Sh. Kavinder Gupta. Gupta was informed about the delay in the receipt of the test reports, lack of hygienic washrooms and quality of food served at some places. Every inmate was eager to go to their respective homes. Gupta listened to the inmates of the quarantine centers and said that all problems shall be discussed at the highest level in administration and shall be resolved at the earliest. Gupta plead to the inmates, “Don’t panic over the corona virus and stay confident. Don’t think that all of you are patients. The government as a precautionary measure put you here. Within a few days, you will be sent to your home with full of health. But the persons at these centers should maintain discipline and social distance with others. Personal hygiene is very important and all of you should cooperate with the medical and health staff. If anybody finds any symptoms like sneezing, cough or fever please don’t hide them and inform the doctors immediately for better medical assistance and it would be a preventive measure from spreading to others also.” Gupta appealed to all to stick on to the medical protocols laid down by the government and those violating by running prematurely from quarantine period are punishable.