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BJP team meets Rajnath Singh, submit memorandum

Led by Party State President & MLA Sat Sharma CA, a team of BJP leaders comprising of Vice-President Dr. Drakashan Andrabi, State General Secretary (Organisation) Ashok Koul, State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria, State Spokesperson Khalid Jahangir, Additional Publicity Secretary Dr. Ali Mohd Mir, Kashmir Protocol Incharge Arif Raja, Kashmir Grievances Cell Incharge Dr. Rafi Ahmed and Kashmir Media Incharge Altaf Thakur, called on Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh at Srinagar on Sunday and submitted a memorandum on prevailing situation in Kashmir, Amaranth yatra, concern for security forces, raising the demand for vacation of PoJK at all International forums, creation of a separate Cell/Department under the Ministry of Home for the State of Jammu and Kashmir, security of minorities and addressing the long pending demands of PoJK and West Pakistan Refugees.
Later, Sat Sharma and Ashok Koul also held separate meeting with Rajnath Singh, wherein they discussed party related matters including the role of BJP in the state, party’s organizational set up & political activities, major burning issues etc.

Copy of the memorandum is hereby attached.
Memorandum for kind consideration of Hon’ble Union Home Minister
The Hon’ble Union Home Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi.

Esteemed Sir,
The present coalition government of BJP and PDP is the outcome of the mandate of the Jammu and Kashmir regions. While as the BJP is perceived as Jammu party in the valley, the PDP is essentially rooted in the valley. The present coalition government in the state signify the possibility and ability of successfully coming together of a National Party with a regional, Kashmir rooted party, where a large area is disturbed due to Pak inspired, instigated and supported subversion. Hence, the State BJP is of the considered view that the present disturbed conditions in the valley are not result of mere elimination of proclaimed terrorist Burhan Wani by security forces but it has to do with the fact that the present government represents political collaboration and partnership of two diametrically political parties with varied ideologies and to which all political forces in the valley ranging from National Conference, Congress, other smaller political parties, Hurriyat conglomerate as also Pakistan are not reconciled to. Successful governance by BJP coalition is perceived by Pakistan as a strategic disadvantage and negation of all its efforts and the money that it invested in fomenting disturbances in the valley. This change in the political calculus of Pakistan and anti-national forces has increased the burden on security forces and they are required to respond more vigorously and robustly.
The BJP is of the considered view that no such statements, actions and advisories be issued which may demoralize the security forces and decrease their effectiveness in combating the menace of terrorism. The BJP is also of the opinion that conducting of the holy yatra of Shri Amarnath is considered by all the anti-national and communal forces in the valley as an affront to their standing and for all what they stand for. The yatra is not merely some people praying and paying obeisance at Amarnath Cave but is an act indicating the oneness of the country and Jammu and Kashmir being an integral part of it. Therefore, it is of prime importance that the yatra proceeds continuously and successfully which would deny the anti-national elements any satisfaction of success and would, on the contrary, demoralize them. This will also ensure that the local people are economically benefitted.
The BJP would respectfully point out that tourism industry is also governed to by the same logic to some extent. The Pakistan instigated disturbances in the valley want disaffection and demoralisation to prevail in the people of the valley as the tourist industry is the backbone of the local economy. It has become a annual practice to create disturbed conditions during the yatra and peak tourist season, which is a matter of concern. The minorities in the valley are made to feel insecure so that the peace efforts and return of Kashmiri migrants to valley get frustrated and derailed. The security of minorities in the valley should be enhanced so that their confidence to stay in the valley does not get shattered.
The State unit of BJP states with satisfaction and happiness that in spite of grave provocations and stress, the people of Jammu have displayed unity and maintained communal harmony and peace.
The State BJP would request that the Government of India should raise the demand for vacation of PoJK at all International forums, resolutely and vigorously. We also feel that the Government of India should create a separate Cell/Department under the Ministry of Home for the State of Jammu and Kashmir to keep a regular watch on the situation and suggest appropriate measures to bring the people of Kashmir in National main stream. The Party also take this opportunity to call upon the union government to address the long pending demands of PoJK and those of West Pakistan Refugees.