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Dr.Gagan Bhagat tours Panchyat Malikpur and Ban Sultan

M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat toured twin Panchyats of R.S Pura Constituency and attended “ Janta Darbar ” at Village Nandpur and Dhindey Kalan, where large number of villagers were present .Dr. Gagan visited the Kuccha houses in the Nandpur and Sujjadpur villages of Panchyat Malikpur, and was surprised to know that the said villages were developed under the Model villages schemes ,and when he reached Govt.Girls Middle School Nandpur ,he was very much surprised to see that the board placed above the gate of the school on which the name of the school was written was inverted , and the locals informed the Legislator that they have several times complained the school authorities regarding the inverted Board, but no action was taken by the school Incharge or by the other teachers. Dr Gagan Bhagat assured the annoyed villagers that he has informed the concerned Minister of State for Education who has given directions to the Director School Education Jammu to investigate the matter. Later on a Public Meeting was organized at the Panchyat Ghar Malikpur in which several residents of the village was present, who apprised the M.L.A the apathetic condition of the village besides being designated as Model Villages, on this Dr.Gagan Bhagat assured them that as now the Panchyati Raj Institutions had completed their tenure and now very soon as the Govt. decides the elections of the Panchyats will be held very soon in the state and as now the amendment by the J&K Legislative Assembly has been done in the Panchyati Raj Act will strengthen such institutions at the grass root levels , and eligible people who are in reality the face of the public will be elected as the Sarpanches , and in the past system some of the Sarpanches who had misused their position and had turned contractors and looted the public money, who so ever is responsible for the embezzlement of the funds in the Panchyat Malikpur will not be spared whether it is official of the Rural development Department or the Ex-Sarpanches or the Panches will be brought to the book .He added that he is committed to the people of R.S Pura and will regularly organize such “Janta Darbars” regularly to address small and genuine demands of the rural people. Many villagers were seen complaining the legislator regarding the Ration Cards irregularities, on which he assured that special camps will be organized to rectify them. The senior citizens of the village praised Dr. Gagan for showing immediate interest especially in the works that were pending for years said Thodu Ram. Local youths complained regarding the sports facilities and stadium besides employment opportunities for them , Dr. Gagan Bhagat said that he will soon try to organizes an employment fair after the monsoon season. After that M.L.A R.S Pura also visited Ban Sultaan village and met with the 18 families whose land was being included in the Golf Course at Miran Sahib, he assured them that he has already discussed the issue with the Union Defense Minister and the concerned Member of Parliament Sh.Jugal Kishore Sharma, as now the Monsoon session is presently going on in the union capital after that a positive reply is exp[ected from the authorities. On the occasion Natharam, Devender Sharma, Gurdeep Saini, Bishan Dass, Ramesh Lal, Hardev Sassan, Neelam Kumari, prominent persons of the villages and officers from the various government department were present.