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BJP Transport Cell constituted

BJP Transport Cell State Convenor S. Darshan Singh, in consultation with Cells State Incharge S. Varinderjeet Singh, constituted the state team here today.   

The newly constituted state team has Darshan Sharma and S. Gurcharan Singh as its State Co-Convenors. It has Girdhari Lal as its State Treasurer.

Similarly, those nominated as State Members  of the BJP Transport Cell include Sanjeev Bali, S. Prem Singh, Shoket Bhatti, Madan Lal Dubey, S. Malvinder Singh (Shanty), S. Gurvinder Singh and Ch. Karnail Singh.

S. Varinderjeet Singh, while congratulating the newly nominated office bearers of the BJP Transport Cell, said that Transport sector is itself a big Industry which not only provide transport facilities but is one of the major source of economic growth and employment generator. The youth in a state like Jammu & Kashmir can be benefitted by it. He said that although train and air links facilities are available in the state but still the main and reliable mean of transportation is the road transport. He  said that the transport industry not only serves as a mean of carrying load or passengers at local level but its services are extended to serve the tourists and pilgrims who visit far flung and remote places where there is no other mean except road transport. He asked S. Darshan Singh to remain in touch with the transport sector so that their problems can be highlighted at the appropriate platform for their redressal.