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It is not Kashmir problem but problem in Kashmir : Balbir

‘Previous govts pampered separatist elements, politicians exploited secessionism’

There is no denying the fact that the present turmoil in Kashmir is Pakistan sponsored. The separatist elements in valley are fighting a proxy war against India with the help of ‘imported’ terrorists and funding from Pakistan with nefarious designs and for the cause of so-called freedom or Azadi. This was stated by Balbir Ram Rattan, BJP State Spokesperson, while commenting on the conduct of separatists with All Party Delegation and their role in general in fuelling unrest in the Valley.

He further observed that it is an irony that separatists are misguiding the young boys and using them as human shields while confronting the security forces in an aggressive manner. In this way, in a pre-planned manner, the attempt is being made to highlight the Kashmir issue in the world fora at cost of the lives of young boys. The so called ‘Kashmir Problem’ is, in fact, a problem in Kashmir, where the majority of the Kashmiri people, who want peace and tranquility, are forced to bear the brunt of the situation created by Pakistan with the help of its stooges operating in the valley.

Balbir Ram Rattan further maintained that this problem in Kashmir is a result of wrong policies of the initial governments after Independence at the Centre, which always tried to pamper the separatists and politicians with vested interests, while ignoring the interests of common masses. The elite class in the valley has always tried to create the unrest and turmoil on one pretext or the other while following competitive policy of separatism, bringing in an unending vortex violence, instability, destruction with peace becoming a casualty.

“What we are facing today is the creation of faulty approach to deal with the separatists and the politicians with vested interests, who should have been curbed from the beginning but unfortunately, the then governments have been liberal with such elements who always remain engaged in propagating communal and anti-India propaganda while raking up the sentiment of  secessionism, the BJP leader said adding that those at the Centre preferred their personal relations at the cost of national interests, which is  one of the major reasons for the upsurge of the anti-India forces. The history is the testimony to the fact that the situation in J&K could have been handled properly by bringing the whole population of the valley in the national mainstream, had nationalist forces in the state been  strengthened by successive Governments at the Centre, Balbir further said.

BJP leader reminded the separatist leaders that the historical event of signing of ‘Instrument of Accession’ by the then Maharaja of this state in October 1947 was a legal and final document of J&K becoming part of India. As per the India Independence Act 1947, the prerogative of taking decision and signing of such document vested with Maharaja and the same was followed. There was no voice of any revolt or hue or cry over such a development but the things were exploited by the separatist forces and the politicians to further their political agenda and projected this as  Kashmir problem, whereas it is not so.