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BJYM launched Millennium voters Campaign

State BJYM launched state wide millennium voters campaign at Party headquarters Trikuta Nagar Jammu. This programme was taken by BJYM at National level in which millennium voters will be registered nation wide in each and every corner of the country. BJP State President and MLA Jammu west Sat Sharma CA was the Chief guest on the occasion along with BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra and BJP State Secretary & Prabhari BJYM Sanjay Baru. The programme was managed by BJYM State general secretary Tarun Sharma, vice-president Ashish Sharma and secretary Shrey Sethi, these all are State Incharges for Millennium voters connect programme. Sat Sharma distributed the forms among the millennium voters who just turned 18 and will cast their vote first time in coming lok sabha elections.

Speaking on the occasion, Sat congratulated all the millennium voters, who will cast their vote first time in their life and said that your vote will be a power to whom you allow to serve our country. He said that the decision to vote is a very important and every millennium voter should take it wisely by seeing the pros and cons of decision to which party you are giving opportunity to serve our country. He said our party have taken the initiative to connect with those voter who just turned 18 and will cast their life’s first vote, and we are amazed to see that the youth is inspired by the way Narendra Modi is working and is ready to give BJP another chance to serve the country.

On the occasion, Dr. Magotra said that it is the youth who have given our party a chance in 2014 to serve the common masses of country, Youth is the main focus of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi and all the Pro-Youth policies of our central government is an real evidence that how much our PM believes on the Youth of this country. The way word Youth have shown a trend in the whole country from the day Narendra Modi government resumes the office shows BJP’s concern for the Youth, so millennium voters should vote wisely as this is the first time they will be using the power of their precious vote.

On the occasion Sanjay Baru appealed all the millennium voters to have a brain storming session on the internet and get themselves aware about the working of Modi-led government before they will cast vote. He said that the way our country have risen in the world politics and the way India have formed international relations across the globe shows the concern of BJP about the Youth, as all these steps will be helpful and beneficial for the Youth of the country.

This programme of BJYM will be continued across the state in each and every organisational district.

Prominent who were present on the occasion were BJYM State general secretary Vikas Choudhary, secretary Sunny Sangotra, Er. Lalit Raina, District President Hari Om Sharma, Ashish Sharma, Akshay Gandotra, Deewakar Sharma, Pawan Kesar, Deewakar Singh, Vikas Sharma, Shodhya Sharma, and many others.