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Blaming BJP is ridiculous: Brig Gupta

Taking a dig at the joint statement issued by NC leaders blaming BJP for ‘policy paralysis’ leading to unstable security environment, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of BJP has said that it appears that the NC leadership is suffering from paranoia. Their statements are not only irrational but also self-contradictory. Only the other day their leader Omar Abdullah had blamed the Central Government for the “Surgical Strikes” against terrorist launch pads leading to increase in terror attacks. “I would like to remind the NC leaders that it was this policy decision of the BJP government which led to a paradigm shift of strategy in dealing with the ‘rogue’ state of Pakistan. Pakistan not only suffered losses but also humiliation that led their DGMO to plead for a talk with our DGMO. It had never happened earlier,” emphasized Brig Gupta.

Responding to the baseless accusation that BJP leaders and local MP were missing from the scene of action during the terror attack at an Army camp in Nagrota, Brig Gupta stated that Army has a well-oiled and well-tested command and control system. They do not require intervention and interference from non-professionals. In the instant case the Army was competent enough to handle the situation and there was no justification for the politicians to be there. What did the local MLA achieve by being there except for “photo op “ sessions with TV journalists and if in any manner he assisted in the conduct of the operations , questioned Brig Gupta? BJP leaders do not believe in show-off but they are firmly rooted to the ground and are present wherever the circumstances require them to be present. It is the local NC leadership that needs to prove their loyalty to the people of Jammu because they are only heard parroting and supporting pro-Pak rants of their valley based leaders.

RakshaMantri Manohar Parrikar has been candid enough in accepting the lapses which occurred at ground level and blaming the Central Government for those lapses is not only irrational but naive. Mr Parrikar has hinted at taking necessary remedial measures rather than indulging in unnecessary blame game for which he needs to be complimented said Brig Gupta. The fact remains that local NC leaders have no voice of their own and have to say what pleases their masters because they are subservient to dynastic politics remarked the spokesperson.