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Budhal residents thank BJP

Dozens of local residents hailing from Budhal visited BJP State headquarter, Trikuta Nagar to meet BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma in order to express their deep sense of gratitude and thankfulness for the commendable work done in the region for the very first time since Independence.

While meeting State President in the leadership of Rajesh Kumar, residents said that the recent visit by Health Minister Bali Bhagat in the town has reflected the clean and clear view of BJP leadership to extend every benefit of public friendly policy to the last neglected man in the society which is popularly known as “Antodaya”. They said that not only this was first ever visit by any senior Minister in the area, but also his taking recognition in the improvement of health infrastructure and provision of Ambulance for the welfare of masses has fulfilled the long pending genuine demand of locals.

The residents contributed this special gesture as the special efforts of State President under whose leadership State BJP has progressed leaps and bounds and today the flag of party is waving high even in the remotest of the towns.

They said that today people from all walks of life from across the regions cutting the boundaries of religions and individual faiths have entrusted BJP owing to the strong leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his selfless love for the countrymen truly bringing to life the famous line of ” Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas” towards the bringing of “Ache Din” for everyone. They also ensured the Party President that they will be ready to make any sacrifice for the mother Nation as they are first Indians and then afterwards they belong to any particular sect or faith. They also said that next time all the MLA seats will fall into BJPs kitty in view of the continued public centric agenda pursued by BJP leaders.

They also asked Sat Sharma to arrange his own and other Minister’s visit to the area to boost developmental works and asked for provision of Samarh Sar Road, Sub Treasury, Adhaar Card Camps, Educational Up gradation, Electricity supply and other issues.

Sat Sharma patiently listened to the social and political activists from the region and reciprocated with the warm regards for their thankful gesture towards the party. He insisted that only motto of BJP is to ensure the quality life of every single citizen, nothing matters who remote he or she dwells. He said that PM Modi has emerged as not only the most successful leader of India, but as the most regarded leader of the world and all the countries are looking towards greater role of India for every issue. He further said that the BJP has led a new era in the history of J&K with minimum of discrimination which has been a hallmark of earlier successive governments and has largely been successful in bridging up the gap between the two major regions, religions and taking the state into renewed phase of development, Industry, Job avenues, self employment health, education and everything else.

BJP Senior leader S. Varinderjeet Singh was also present on the occasion.

In the deputation- Mohd. Shabir Kamlak, Master Javid Iqbal, Ashik Ali Thakar, Ab. Latif, Mohd. Shafait, Louqket Ali, Mohd. Mushtaq, Adil Hussain and others were the prominent persons who approached the State President.