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Burhan Wani is the creation of Omar Government: BJP

Bharatiya Janata Party Jammu & Kashmir has reacted sharply to Tweets of ex-CM Omar Abdullah eulogising terrorism and describing Burhan Wani as an “icon”. Questioning as to who is responsible for Burhan Wani taking to gun at the tender age of 15, Brigadier Anil Gupta, State spokesperson of the Party, said, “As per available information Burhan Wani became a terrorist in 2010 when Omar Abdullah was heading a coalition government and hence it is his government that is responsible for creating Burhan Wani. It is very unfortunate that the same politicians are now playing politics in the name of Burhan Wani and using terrorism as a clutch to revive their sinking political future in the valley. It is like playing with usually counter-productive.” Brig Gupta also accused JKNC for encouraging divisive and discriminatory politics and neglecting the other two regions of the state while in power. Now that they are out of power their anti-Jammu and pro-separatist rhetoric have become more pronounced. It is highly unfortunate that the same Omar Abdullah who in 2010 had blamed PDP for carrying out “Lashon Ki Siyasat (Politics over dead bodies)” is indulging in the same type of politics.
Commenting on another Tweet of the former CM, “Mark my words-Burhan’s ability to recruit in to militancy from the grave will far outstrip anything he could have done on social media”, Brig Gupta said that with such tweets Omar is trying to project a terrorist as a martyr. Blaming the previous government for spurt in the violence in South Kashmir, Brig Gupta said that the faulty Rehabilitation Policy launched in November 2010 by Omar government is one of the major contributory factors apart from rise of Burhan Wani. Re-cycled ex-militants are the main reason for increase in number of local militants and attack on police personnel. Even in the on-going violence as an aftermath of Burhan’s killing the re-cycled militants are the main instigators among the mobs.
“BJP once again asks Jammu-based leaders of these parties to clarify their loyalty and support for terrorism. By keeping mum to the tweets of their leader they have given a tacit approval to his thinking. If they do not come in open to clarify their own position on the issue it would be taken for granted by the people of Jammu that they have surrendered their conscience to their Valley–based leaders and would never forgive them,’ warned the BJP spokesperson. Brig Anil Gupta also condemned the statement of NC Provincial President & MLA Nagrota Devender Rana in which he has blamed BJP for reactionary politics. “Mr Rana is well advised to first dissociate himself from the divisive, discriminatory and communal politics of JKNC before giving any sermons to BJP. He should also come clean and say whether he is in agreement with anti-Jammu & pro-separatist politics being played by his leader and other valley based leaders of his party,” retorted Brig Gupta.