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CAPD violating orders of previous coalition govt : Brig. Gupta

Bharatiya Janata Party has expressed solidarity with the people who are suffering due to non-availability of rations for more than two months because of the lackadaisical approach of the CAPD department and the state administration. The people in Jammu city and other far-flung areas are highly agitated due to the failure of the administration to supply rations in CAPD depots on one pretext or the other. The party spokesperson expressed concern due to the fact that despite repeated representations to the Director CAPD and the administration no action is being taken to mitigate the serious problem faced by the public.

The sub-committee headed by Dr. Nirmal Singh ex- deputy Chief Minister had made many people –friendly recommendations to ensure that the public is benefitted at large due to implementation of the National Food Security Act (NFSA) in the state and nobody is put to inconvenience. The recommendations of the committee were approved by the cabinet and were to be implemented to ensure that NFSA proves boon to the public w.e.f 01 March 2016 when the scheme was to be launched. Unfortunately, due to the untimely death of Mufti Sahib, the government ceased to exist resulting in faulty and hurried implementation of the scheme causing hardship to the public. Brig Anil Gupta, BJP spokesperson, has demanded that all the decisions taken by the Nirmal Singh Committee should be implemented by the present administration. He also demanded action against the officials of CAPD who have violated the government orders issued by the alliance government thus leading to large scale dissatisfaction among the people.
Listing the problems being faced by the people Brig Gupta said that supply of rations as per 2011 census as approved by the alliance government should not be violated at any cost. Supply of flour instead of wheat must be ensured to all entitled people. Sugar and kerosene oil should also be provided as per entitlement. People have also complained of large number of discrepancies in the newly made ration cards. They have also reported harassment by the staff deputed for verification. Their insistence to provide a copy of PRC is causing unnecessary harassment to the existing card holders. In many cases, the data of the old ration card has been reproduced in the new card without taking note of amendments made by the card holders. Keeping in view of the diverse food habits in the three regions of the state Brig Gupta said that administration should provide ration as per the dietary habits of the people and not thrust wheat on rice-eating people. Also minimum quantity of ration per family having less than six members should be fixed at 30 kg per family as demanded by the people.