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Centre to take cognizance of present situation: Prof. Virender

State BJP spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta strongly criticized the political parties, for exhibiting their stiff resistance to the resolution moved by Bharatiya Janata Party MLAs, condemning Pakistan’s unprovoked heavy firing, using mortars and anti-tank missile in Rajouari Sector, killing four soldiers of Indian Army that included an Army Captain. He said that the resolution represented the national sentiments against the Pakistan’s aggression and against its actions to make India to bleed by importing and supporting the terrorism and the so called Jihad and in particular causing great destruction in the Valley. He expressed his anxious on the fact that PDP which in alliance with BJP, is running the Government did not stood by its partner and opposed the resolution. The spokesperson was also critical of the opposition to the resolution by the MLAs of Congress and National Conference, specifically those representing Jammu province.

Prof. Virender also condemned the attitude of the Kashmiri leaders to equate the aggressor, Pakistan and the victim of its aggression, India, the country to which they belong to and enjoying all the privileges, even more than other countrymen. “Their act of Blaming India for the war like situation created by Pakistan and asking both India and Pakistan to hold talks and negotiations for the peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue amounts to indirectly supporting Pakistan’s actions and committing treacherous like act”, the spokesperson said. He expressed his unhappiness on the role of Congress and other national political parties which are toeing the same line just for the sake of opposition to BJP and thus doing great disservice to the country. He said that India as a sovereign country cannot afford to declare ceasefire unilaterally unless Pakistan stops its aggression, desists from unprovoked firing from across the border and stop supporting terrorist activities.

Prof. Virender also expressed its great resentment against the acts of political leaders of Jammu and Kashmir that demoralize the forces which are fighting a war against the dangerous and perilous designs of Pakistan and antinational forces under very odd circumstances and providing security to the common masses and the political class of the Valley. He condemned the criticism of the forces and making them villain, and the act of projecting the stone pelters as innocent. He said that any person causing hindrance in the action of the forces that are duty bound to curb the terrorism and eliminate the terrorists needs be treated as culprit. He added that the action to express sympathy with such person and humiliate the forces cannot be justified. He asked the Government of India to take serious cognizance of the recent happenings in Jammu and Kashmir State and some of the actions of the people at the helm of the affairs and take appropriate actions to stop further aggravation of the situation. He asked whether the step of giving amnesty to stone pelters and rehabilitate them, has boomeranged and became the cause of resurgence of stone-pelting.