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Christian colony will become the model colony of the city : Rajesh Gupta

Jammu East MLA & party chief whip Sh. Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the work of lane & drain at Christian Colony in ward no. 7 .
The total estimated cost of the work is Rs 25 lakhs.In this campaign he was accompanied by JMC officials AEE Rajeev Pandoh JE Mohd.Yaseen.
Rajesh Gupta was also accompanied by BJP leaders Viney Gupta, Prof Sham,Gulshan Mahajan,Girdharilal,Kuldeep Kandhari,Surinder Annand,Jagjeevan,?Sanjay,Santosh,Samson Gill and Amit Sohtra.
The prominents of the Christian community who attended the function included Aasif Gill,David Mattoo,Sunny Gill,Amit Sohtra,Smason Gill,Ashu Teji,Great Flower, John,Saleem,Anil Gill,Chris Board,Rinku Gill,Ajay Gill and Sunny Gill. Dilawar.
The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Gopal,Rajinder Gupta, Vinay Gupta,Chaman Lal,Ravi Singh, Rajesh Nischal,P.C.Gupta and Raj Kumar.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that the contribution of the Christian community in the process of nation building is immense.He said that the Christian institutions have played a crucial role in the field of quality education and also other fields like health and sports.
Vinay Gupta Distt. General Secretary eulogized the role of the Christian community in the field of education and called them as institution builders & said Jammu east public is lucky to have such a super m.l.a. who is working hard for the welfare of the public.