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Cong failed in its propaganda against Modi govt: Prof. Virender

State BJP Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta was critical of some of the statements issued by Congress party top leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Madhavroa Scindia, Pawan Bansal and Sandeep Dikshit. He said that whereas Sandeep Dikshit abused Army Chief General Bipin Rawat as “Sadak Ka Goonda” while speaking on the Kashmir policy of the Indian government, Madhavrao Scindia called Modi as Hitler. He pointed that Rahul Gandhi, in his address at Bangaluru accused Narendra Modi-led Central government of forcing everyone into silence with Dalits being beaten up, minorities frightened up and journalists and bureaucrats threatened; Pawan Bansal who was on a visit to Srinagar as a part nationwide campaign of the Congress to highlight the failures of Modi government at the Centre spoke that “an atmosphere of fear prevailing in the country”.

He said sum substance of all these statements is that the Congress party is afraid of it declining popularity and of its diminishing future prospectus of its existence as a political party, because of the outstanding achievements of Modi government in all the spheres of country’s life. He added that inspite of the vigorous campaign of the Congress party throughout the country against the government, its propaganda seems to be a futile exercise as people pay no heed to the statements of Congress leaders.

Prof. Virender while taking on Pawan Bansal on his statement that “our national security and internal security is worse than it was in the last 20 years; there is political vacuum in the state and no vision to work out a solution to the present unrest and alienation”, said that the internal and external security of the country is better than the previous years and it is being regularly monitored by the concern quarters even at the Prime Minister level. He said that things have deteriorated to the present extend as the parties, previously at the helm of affairs in the state and the Centre compromised with the separatists and the anti-national forces and allowed them to groom and strengthened while keeping blind eyes to the developing scenario. He added that these political parties both Congress and National Conference in the state, instead of extending helping hand to the state and Centre government to retrieve the situation and bring normalcy in the state acted in a manner to aggravate the situation in connivance with the separatist elements.

The Spokesperson ridiculed the advice of Pawan Bansal to look at the situation in the perspective of the historical back ground of the valley and said that historical perspective reflects the misadventure, mis-conceived policies of the then towering Congress leader and Prime Minister of the country, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru about Jammu and Kashmir which had resulted into the present state of affairs. He added that task of the present government at the Centre is to correct the wrongs committed and bring the valley into the National mainstream. He said that this is the vision of the Government of India about Jammu and Kashmir on which it is working.