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Cong leaders lowering their stature by raking up non issues : BJP

The state unit of BJP has termed sermonising by Congress leaders on non issues as a futile exercise, contending that all such issues have been created by the Congress party during their rule on account of scams laced mis-governance and wrong doings on all fronts.
BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan said that by doing this, the Congress leaders are themselves lowering their own stature. The negative and sterile politics will not act as oxygen to their comatose party, which is in an irreversible decline mode, he said. The way senior and responsible leaders of the Congress are behaving and making daily statements, raking up non-issues, are thereby exhibiting only their frustration on account of being out of power, he said adding that with such tactics they are trying to ensure their political survival.
Balbir, while expressing disapproval of the statement from the tall Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, who in a recent statement said that what was happening in the state was the “Gujarat model”, termed it as most unfortunate.
“It is just one instance displaying the hollowness, lack of sense of responsibility and maturity to react or make statements on sensitive issues and that too from none other than a leader of the stature of Ghulam Nabi Azad ”, Balbir lamented and added that not a single day passes when one leader or the other from the Congress makes public statements that are utterly baseless, against the ground realities or aimed at flaring already volatile situation in the valley.
It is highly unfortunate that when valley is on the boil on account of Pakistani machinations and when all parties ought to have a united stand to restore peace in the valley, almost the entire leadership of Congress in Jammu & Kashmir is in a rat race in criticizing and running down the efforts of the government and security forces to calm the situation in the valley, he observed.
Balbir Ram Rattan said that the Congress has remained in power in Jammu and Kashmir for maximum time after independence. The Congress ruled this border State on its own or enjoyed power as a coalition partner, when they just ignored many sensitive issues or failed to address the public sentiments. He said that BJP has been in power in Jammu and Kashmir for just one year only and those who ruled it for decades are trying to put blame on present coalition for their past misdoings and wrong- policies. Public is much more aware about the present day politicians, which is why it pays no heed to the utterings of the leaders of Congress and others, the BJP spokesperson said.