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Cong under Sonia has disowned its legacy: Yudhvir

BJP State Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi, while expressing concern over the recent happenings in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, said that these have shocked the patriotic citizens of India. The brazen anti-India activities are being conducted in the campus of the University under the very nose of the University authorities and the faculty members is a matter of serious concern for all the peace loving people across the country. These happenings have exposed the deep penetration of anti-India forces into our educational system as well as the few political parties.

“BJP fully supports the decision of the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh of taking stern action against all those who have been responsible for the anti-India show in the University”, Sethi said.
Yudhvir said that it is highly intriguing that even in such a matter of national concern Congress, AAP, JD (U) and left parties, have chosen to take a line which eventually seeks to bail out these anti-national forces. It appears that the present day Congress party, led by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, has almost disowned its legacy, which spearheaded the freedom struggle of India. The role of Left in supporting fissiparous and separatist forces is not a surprise because these parties have time and again demonstrated their inclination to be on the side of fissiparous and disruptive forces inside India. BJP condemns in clear terms all such attempts which help subversive and anti-national forces. It is high time that all political parties recognise that the nation is not a place where people only indulge in serving their material needs, but it is like a mother to all of us whose integrity and sanctity has to be preserved at all costs.
Sethi said that on the spot resistance to the anti-national elements at the JNU by the cadres of ABVP is also worth appreciation. But for their intervention the activities of anti-national forces would not have come to the public light.
BJP under the able and patriotic leadership of Sh Narendra Modi will defeat the designs of subversive elements within India and outside. The times have changed now and all anti-national elements need to be identified and punished under the law of land.
It is time that we identify the forces amongst the teaching faculty of JNU as well, who have played a role in shaping the anti-India outlook of the students who indulged in separatist show in JNU.