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Congress itself tarnished own image: BJP

Jammu and Kashmir State unit of Bharatiya Janata Party has dismissed the allegations levelled by Congress leaders against BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for tarnishing the image of Congress as a lame excuse to veil its own misdeeds of decades of its rule in the country in the past.

While the people of nation have arisen in unity to support Prime Minister’s drastic steps to nip the evils like corruption and terrorism, the Congress has gone scary as its leaders have realized that time has come for their public exposure which may lead them to meeting their waterloo.

This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, who while dismissing the allegations as totally baseless and misleading, said that neither BJP nor Narendra Modi has ever made any attempt to tarnish the image of Congress and reminded this political party that it was wrong policies and programmes which maligned its image it in the public.

He said that since the day first the BJP came into power at the Centre with Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, the Congress adopted very negative approach and has been opposing every positive step of the NDA government, whether related to development and welfare or foreign affairs.

. The statements of the Congress leaders on the killing of dreaded terrorist Burhan Wani and  on surgical strikes by Indian army on launching pads in PoJK too has invited anger and resentment of the entire country, thus affecting its public image.   

Balbir further said that repeated scams have tarnished the image of Congress, its policy of nepotism and obsession with Gandhi family, has also lowered its picture.

“The recent decision of the Modi govt on Demonetisation has witnessed widespread appreciation but the Congress has unleashed a false propaganda on the subject”, Balbir said and added that such an approach endorses the fact that Congress never wanted to help the nation rise against the felonies of corruption and black money.

How Congress under the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi released more than 90 thousand soldiers of Pakistan in 1971 without availing the golden opportunity to settle the Kashmir issue once and forever is still in the minds of the people. The same Congress cannot escape from the blunder of curbing basic rights of the citizens by imposing Emergency in 1975. The people are well educated in the present era and watching themselves that Modi government is working hard to take the country to new heights of development and launching welfare schemes for the youth, women, downtrodden, farmers, ex-servicemen, while at the same time the Congress is opposing each and every initiative, which  unfortunately is exposing its wrongdoings and earning bad reputation among the countrymen.