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Do not criticize without understanding: Arun

Demonetization has been widely appreciated by one and all throughout the world, including more than eighty five percent Indian population, except our own leaders from opposition parties. The very fact that these opposition leaders do not understand the gravity of this menace which was eating away the very vitality of country economy and was a big stumbling block in the growth .                                           Making a statement in this regard Jammu and Kashmir state spokes person Arun Kumar Gupta said that At a time when public is so happy with this  decision, inspite of some apparent initial inconvenience  faced ,all have welcomed this step wholeheartedly and are extremely convinced  for this historic decision. The opposition leaders are taking public excuse in agitating the issue both in and out of parliament and other foray. The fact is that, the amount of illegal money made over the years by number of scams have suddenly become redundant.

Arun Kumar Gupta said that unfortunately none of the opposition leaders have risen above the party politics and look into the seriousness of the issue. The parallel economy cannot be allowed to grow or rather over grow the country economy and discipline in money earning and spending has to be imbibed.  State Bharatiya Janata Party said that shadow economy is like termite doing its job and cripples the very foundation, cannot be allowed to spread and correction was long overdue.

It does not allow the growth and progress in real sense. The circulation of illegal money corrupts the system and that is the main reason for all unlawful activity to mushroom. Opposition leaders have all the constitutional rights to criticize the working of Government in democracy for the actions, but a thin sliver line needs to be drawn as to where party line finishes and national interest starts. In case these leaders do not understand this critical aspect of being highly sensitive to national issues, they should stop condemning and let people of the nation decide as to what is righteous for them as they have the power to elect and punish the government which does not perform for the country and only works for self elevation, said Arun Kumar Gupta.