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Congress, NC always betrayed Jammu: Dr. Narinder

BJP State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh took serious note of the false and baseless propaganda unleashed by certain leaders of Congress and National Conference about the illegal settlement of the Rohingyas in Jammu & Kashmir.

Dr. Narinder Singh said that the Resettlement Act of 1971 was infact the prime cause for the demographic change in the State, which debarred 5300 families of the Displaced Persons (DPs) from Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJK) from their basic rights. They were the people who migrated in other parts of the country to earn livelihood. He said that their rights were crushed, despite the fact that they were permanent residents of the State. It is irony that the successive Governments of NC & Congress were more concerned towards sagfeguarding and preserving the leftover properties and rights of the people who crossed/reside in the areas of J&K which has been illegally occupied by Pakistan.

Dr. Narinder Singh further said that as the matter of fact, both the political parties were hand in glove for the ill situation arisen out due to their unnatural settlement of Rohingyas the in the region. Congress and NC have always played with the sentiments of the common people for their petty political gains and it is an established fact that their settlement has been facilitated during the NC and Congress regimes, which has also encouraged the anti-social & anti national activities in the recent years. He said that the Rohingyas were forced to leave their original country due to their involvements in such acts which were posing threat to the unity and integrity of their native nation. After getting settled in Jammu and Kashmir, these people, are found to be involved in the thefts, hooliganism and even in militancy related activities. He said that these illegal immigrants procured Adhaar Cards, Ration Cards and other essential documents in the previous regimes by the blessings of some big wigs of NC and Congress. He appealed the people of Jammu region in particular to be cautious and not fall prey to the misleading campaign of NC and Congress leaders.