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Construction of Bunkers a welcome decision: BJP

Bharatiya Janata Party is totally committed towards fulfillment of the promises made to the residents of the border belt and welcomes the decision of the Modi government to construct 4700 community bunkers and 19000 individual bunkers in addition to the bunkers to be constructed by state government, said Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of the Party. In a press release issued by the party, the decisions already taken for their benefit have also been highlighted. It has already been decided to pay monetary compensation at par with victims of cross-border firing on the Line of Control (LOC), adequate compensation is also being paid for the loss/injury of cattle, damage to the crop has also been included in the new Crop Insurance Policy stated the Press Release.

According to Brig Gupta, these bunkers are to be built in all the five districts of Jammu region which are located on the IB and LOC. District wise allotment of bunkers will be done based on the population of each district. The entire cost of the project including acquisition of the land will be borne by the central government. The bunkers will be constructed in a safer zone and will also have cooking and toilet facilities, in other words these will be underground living units and will prove handy in case of NBC attack as well, explained Brig Gupta.

Brig Gupta said that due to a high water table in the border belt, the executing agency will have to ensure proper sitting and designing of the bunkers and should pick up adequate lessons from the agencies which are currently involved in bunker construction in these areas. Adequate planning for waste disposal and ventilation would be required since the bunkers would also include kitchen and toilets because construction of soakage pits in these areas is problematic. Brig Gupta also hoped that adequate measures for the safety and security of the bunkers will also be catered for. Bharatiya Janata Party is the true well – wisher of the people of border belt and does not believe in mere rhetoric and lip service as being done by the other political parties.

Brig Gupta questioned the leadership of National Conference and Congress who ruled the state for more than six decades as to what did they do except making false promises to these people and exploiting them for vote bank politics? It goes to the credit of BJP that it is walking the talk and sincerely addressing the issues facing the border residents as per the press release.