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BJP criticises transfers

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta expressed his anguish on the report published in one of the daily newspapers that the transfer policy framed in 2010 by a Government order is being frequently floated and that during the period between January 01, 2017 and September 29, 2017 (a nine month period) 346 transfer have been executed constituting 41 IAS and 305 KAS officers including Secretaries and above, HoDs, MDs, Dy. Commissioners and SSP. It is surprising that while making those transfers, the general norm of seeking the approval of the cabinet is not followed. These transfer were in addition to 45 transfers of the officers made with the approval of State Cabinet. While referring to the reporting in the press that the transfers are being mode frequently without following the norms as laid down in the Government order of 2010 that the minimum tenure of a Government employee on a post shall be two years and maximum of three years, which may be extended to five years in case of special circumstances as mentioned in the transfer policy. Prof. Gupta said that the frequent transfers of the officers adversely affects the working of the Government and the projects undertaken by various departments get delayed. He further said that such transfers of the officers of higher ranks without keeping the cabinet into confidence spoils the mutual faith and trust among the two political partners of the government and tells upon the harmonious relationship and the coordination between them.

Prof. Virender said that because of the present transfer policy a strong resentment is brewing among the majority of IAS, IPS and KAS officers. He further added that persons having political patronage get the priced posting at their choicest places and officers belonging to Jammu region, particularly of the minority community suffer the most, because of the arbitrary policy pursued by the highest authority in the government. It has been reported that SSPs and SPs belonging to minority community are not given district level positions where they can show their worth, in spite of their promising career, dedication and honesty. The officers of Kashmir valley are given posting at their preferred positions in districts, 3-4 times during their service, without giving any consideration to their involvement in corruption cases pending against them.

Prof. Virender cited the example of two brothers where one is enjoying the position of I.G. Kashmir in spite of his corruption charges is being investigated by State Vigilance Department and the other one at present is posted as Divisional Commissioner, Srinagar and is involved in Gumlarg scam amounting to crores of rupees.

Prof. Gupta further said that government should adhere to the norms and the established procedures for affecting the transfers to restore the shattered trust and faith of the employees who are giving their blood for the service of this already disturbed state and ensure justice to the officers belonging to the Jammu region.