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Daffodils Care Convent Pre School , Jain Bazaar is honing the hidden talents of kids

Daffodils Care Convent Pre School , Jain Bazaar is honing the hidden talents of kids, celebrated its 4th Annual Day Function and Graduation Ceremony of U.K.G class at Abhinav Theatre on 06.02.2017. The occasion was graced with the presence of Hon’able MLA Jammu (east)Sh. Rajesh Gupta as chief guest and Sh. Zorawar Singh Jamwal , Chairman Team Jammu as Guest of Honour and special invities Sister Celene , headmistress primary wing (PCSS)and Dr. Hari Prakash Magotra , Retired from state institute of education and respected parents. The function was held with great enthusiasm and excuberance with the Cheif Guest ,Guest of Honour and Speacial Invities lighting the ceremonial lamp with the chanting of Gaytri Mantra.
Showcasing the theme ‘NANHI KOSHISHEIN…( Steps Towards Green and Clean India) was the spirit towards the achievement of goal. The daffodilans presented a well weaved story through various dance, plays and skits as to how we should protect our environment ,save our nature’s guardians i.e. water , air and earth and keep the surrondings clean . The young kids dressed up as small trees examplified their importance as the home to small animals, birds apart from thier being source of our livelihood i.e. provides of food, water and rain. The auidence could not hold their tears when small children portrayed as the forests crying on seeing woodcutters , with animals weeping for their shelters and trees pleading them to spare them just for sake of man kind.
The oath song at the last was the spirit of the show where children pledged to save nature and asked the others also to save water and not to pollute the air. Everyone present there was spell bound. Graduation Ceremony of class U.K.G. was also celebrated on the same time as well. The Cheif Guest Sh. Rajesh Gupta along with Sh. Zorawar Singh Jamwal(Guest of Honour) presented the Degrees as scroll of honour to the outgoing class and wished Good Luck for their future. The Cheif Guest Mr. Rajesh Gupta aplauded the efforts of small children to give a wake up call to all the humans to save water and mother earth. He further appreciated the sincere hard work put up by the staff and management. He congratuded the Principle Shikha Puri for her endless efforts to train and manage her rising school in city. The Guest Of Honour Sh. Zorawar Singh Jamawal was also speechless to see the talent of tender buds show such a bid problem and its consequences on the stage. He requested to the people present their to promote our mothertongue i.e. Dogri Language and Dogri Culture. Dr. Hari Prakash Magotra, the special invitee on the ocassion was also very happy to see the talent of young daffodilans. He congratuated the children, staff and the priciple for completing their successful four years. The Principle Shikha Puri, proposed the vote of thanks