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Demonetization is master stroke on black money: Balbir 

Recoveries of large amounts of old and new currency notes from different places across the country is the indicative that PM Narendra Modi’s move to bring out black money has started giving results, thus proving demonetization a decision in the right direction. This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan.

Claiming that demonetization has started bringing out black money, Balbir said that with each passing day old and new currency notes of higher denominations are being recovered in crores and lakhs, which is indeed a promising development.

He said that although Congress used to talk of ending corruption but it was never serious on the issue, which is clear from the fact that almost all the scams and corruption related cases took place during the rule of the Congress. He said that PM Modi has displayed real concern and his commitment to root out corruption and hence taken a bold and historic decision to declare invalid the existing currency notes of rupees 500 and 1000, an initiative aimed at bringing out black money, fake currency and ending corruption.

“Narendra Modi has became the first Prime Minister of the country, who has taken lead in making India corruption-free, which deserve appreciation by one and all but unfortunately Congress and other opposition parties have been opposing it from the day one”, Balbir said and added that it is most unfortunate that the issue of such great importance is being politicized for the sake of politics.

The present chaos and commotion created by the Congress in the Parliament speaks of the level of desperation and frustration of the Congress. Demonetization is such a master stroke by the Prime Minister that it will have its long lasting impact and prove a big boon for the restoration and the revival of the Indian Economy, which has suffered a lot during the Congress regime.

The Spokesperson appealed to the general public to trust the most revered  Prime Minister, who has sought 50 days time and see how the black sheeps are exposed. The day is not far when India shall regain its glory that has been lost during the rule of the Congress in post independent era, he added.