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Kavinder Gupta meets Indian High commissioner at London


Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly, Kavinder Gupta today held a luncheon meeting with Indian High Commissioner to united Kingdom, Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha on the sidelines of the 62nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference which is going on at London, United Kingdom.

The role of the Commonwealth in fostering freedom of religion, supporting the outcomes of the COP21 Paris agreement on climate change, the role of parliamentarians in implementing & monitoring policies relevant to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), violence against woman and radicalisation of young people were discussed in the meeting.

The Speaker said that the Paris agreement which calls for bringing all nations under one umbrella to work together in fighting against the globally felt common cause of global warming which is not only effecting the economic growth but it has a deeper effect on the lives of citizens throughout the globe.

“As Global warming is a disturbing factor for all the member states it is needed to be seriously looked into and ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adopt to its effects, with enhanced support to assist developing countries and keeping the global temperature below 2 degree Celsius in this century as agreed for in the paris agreement should be the honestly and solemnly worked upon”, Gupta said.

The Speaker said that the violence against woman is another globally felt issue with developing countries as it major prey and the steps to minimize this menace should also be seriously taken.

“Despite stringent laws framed to keep a check on this thing, the crime is on the rise in various states throughout the globe and this should be deliberated upon point by point at such conferences and the member countries should resolve to work diligently in uprooting this weed from their respective countries with collectively working in tandem with each other”, Gupta added.