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Development is the key but don’t irk the people: Sharma

As you approach Sarwal tri-crossing from Rehari there (Just ahead of Kali temple there is a shed which was made with a purpose. Going by the words of mouth of the people this shed is actually a bus stop also used by Auto drivers and also by ladies attending the last rites of the dead. The ladies sit here and hold a condolence for those who have departed.

But now there is a problem. ERA (J&K) is laying multiple pipes and right in front of the shed there has been digging and two loose ends of the pipes stand since the constructors believe that the pipes have to go through the shed and hence a portion of the shed has to be dug so that the pipes can be laid down further. Narendra Sharma a senior PDP leader from Sarwal believes that the digging can be circumvented along side the shed so that the existing construction remains intact. In fact he said that had held talks with ERA engineers and since then the work has stopped. He also mentioned that he was not against development of the area since it would be beneficial to public at large in the future but the case in point he mentioned was that the rudimentary thing in development is to make sure that the people are not hurt in the process.

He finally mentioned that the Government was doing a fine job under the leadership of Mehbooba Mufti and was convinced that it will keep doing so in the near future but the main consideration he mentioned was it had to be the people first always and every time!