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Do not mislead J&K people – BJP on Article 35-A

BJP is firmly of the opinion that opposition parties in J&K State are misleading citizens on various issues including the one under discussion these days i.e. Article 35-A and how it will hamper the growth of J & K State. Taking a view of the APM to form a united front for protecting Article 35-A and the narration of Farooq Abdullah, BJP believe that time has come to expose the double speak of these parties, said Arun Kumar Gupta, State Spokes Person, BJP in a press statement .

Article 35-A is an unconstitutional provision of law, finds no place in Indian Constitution and is supposed to be in operation without being passed in the parliament of India. It is great paradox that, some article is being discussed in public domains without understanding its legal position.

Misleading public on various issues including the one under discussion, has become the routine of parties like NC, Congress and others, but public today is not ready to go by the versions which suit their individual constituency, and not that what is the fact and why or why not it should continue, looking into overall development of state.

Arun Kumar Gupta further states that this provision has done a great harm to all the three Regions of J & K State, by not allowing any body from the other parts of India to come and settle here, which results in total isolation and no growth of institutions which are required to generate employment, revenues, resources and overall economy of the state. J &K today suffers on these aspects grossly and this is increasing with every passing day. On one side Congress and NC in there governance encouraged Rohiangyas and others to settle illegally in Jammu, for the reasons known, and on other side if for the growth of our institutions, legal migration is required of intellectual etc. is being opposed in the grab of Article 35-A, said Gupta.

If by migration of people from other states, could destroy the basic culture of state, all state like Gujrat, South, Himachal, Punjab etc. would have perished by the now. If the Dogra and Dogriiyat of Jammu, Kashmiri and Kashmiriyat of Kashmir, Ladhakhi and Ladkhayat of Ladakh has only to be protected being in isolation, then we have to revisit and rethink about the culture we have preserved for centuries.

BJP cannot influence court and NGO’s who are in legal dispensation. Would suggests NC and other parties including Congress to file application in supreme court, argue there, rather than misleading people of J & K for their own political ends. Any discussion or statement on this amounts to contempt of highest court of country where case is under consideration, said Arun Kumar Gupta.