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Encourage youths to participate in decision making : Kavinder Gupta

Speaker Jammu & Kashmir legislative Assembly and MLA, Gandhi Nagar, kavinder Gupta today attended the closing ceremony of 5th Thang-Ta federation cup-2016 as chief guest.
The event was organized by J&K, Thang–Ta association under the supervision of Thang-Ta Federation of India; youths from all over the country participated in this championship.
While applauding the efforts of the Thang-Ta association for organizing such an event in the Winter capital of the state, the speaker said that such activities are the need of the hour and these should be promoted to prepare the young people to meet the challenges of future through such coordinated and progressive programs, these things doesn’t only promote physical health but also inculcate the habits of hard work, discipline and positive attitude towards life in a person, he added.
Congratulating `Feroz Ahmad Ganai from Pampore, Kashmir and Neha from Delhi for becoming the best performer of the tournament, he said, “It gives me pleasure on the one hand to witness such an impressive performance of the players from Kashmir valley but on the other hand it is very painful to see youngsters being misguided by few vested interests to achieve their personal political motives.
Denouncing the violence in any form, he appealed to the youths engaged in stone pelting in the valley to shun the path of violence and engage themselves in constructive activities as violence in no way can be the seen as a mean for achieving any objective.
The Speaker said that the state has witnessed violence for so long and it has seen destruction and deaths all over for decades together and lost the generation of his men in this continued violence deeply affecting the overall socio–economic activity in the state which has hampered the development of the society in general and the youth of the state in particular.
Maintaining that the development of the people and the State should be made the primary objective and for its realization the youths should come forward with innovative ideas and should be encouraged to participate in decision making as they got the requisite energy and talent and that should be utilized properly for achieving the goal of a welfare state and the youths are the foundation for achieving this objective, he said.