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DPs, Refugees understand fake affection of Cong: BJP

It has happened for the first time in the history of India that there is a government at the Centre, which felt pain of the Displaced Persons from Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (POJK) and refugees from West Pakistan and displayed sincere concern towards mitigating their sufferings on humanitarian grounds.

This was stated by BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta while holding Congress in particular responsible for the plight of these hapless sections of the society. He said that Displaced Persons and Refugees had been agitating for decades for the mitigation of their sufferings but the successive governments of the Congress, which ruled the country for maximum period after independence, never deemed it necessary to understand their problems and take effectives steps to do something positive.

“Now when BJP government under PM Narendra Modi has granted some concessions to the West Pakistan Refugees and released rupees 2000 crore as financial assistance for the Displaced Persons from PoJK, surprisingly sudden affection has developed among the Congress and its leaders for these sections”, Harinder Gupta said and added that these sections cannot be misled anymore as they well understand the Congress for such a change in its behaviour. How can the DPs and Refugees forget the kind of treatment was meted to them by Congress when it was in power and could have easily done something for them, which it did not. He said that these people could have got what they had been agitating, had Congress adopted a humanitarian approach towards them.

Harinder Gupta said that on one hand Congress did nothing for DPs and Refugees, on the other its leaders are opposing what the Narendra Modi government is doing for them. It is most unfortunate and reflection of the anti-DPs, anti-refugees mindset of the Congress.

The BJP leader cautioned the DPs and refugees not to trust the false and misleading propaganda of the Congress and have faith in the BJP government under Prime Minister Narenda Modi.