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Shobha Yatra, Pujas mark Janamashtami celebrations at R.S Pura

25th September, Thursday, R.S Pura. Shree Krishna Jayanti commonly known as Janamastami was celebrated with festivities in the town of R.S Pura on Thursday. Special Pujas were conducted in Shree Krishna temples. At the Devi-Dwara temple, Chohala, Gandli, Railway Line Patri and Shiv Nagar Temple puja and tilakabhishek were held. A colourful procession was held as part of the maha shobha yatra by the various religious organizations in the city in the afternoon.M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat was specially present to grase the occasion he himself walked with the youths on the streets of R.S Pura and stayed there till the last Jhanki was taken out .He even participated in the “ Dahi -Matki ” along with several other youths and broke every Dahi Matki that came in the way ,dance was held at the hanuman chowk, several persons dressed as demons and buffalo were seen near hanuman chowk where the local shopkeepers gave them cake to eat and later on they ran towards the Daljeet Chowk , people were seen enjoying by looking at them, later on they left for their evening celebrations of Janamashtami along with several other dancers .Dr.Gagan Bhagat while speaking on the occasion said that Lord Krishna was the guide of Arjuna and due to his advise and preaching the Pandavas won the Mahabharata , and the same thing all of we should remember that “Truth Always win” as the Kouravs were hundreds and Pandavas were only five but they were having lord Krishna on their side , if we follow the right path we will never loose ,no matter hundreds are against you but truth always win, in todays time also there are several people who follow and teach the wrong things , but it hardly matters you just have to truthful and dedicated and then like Kouravas they will always be defeated, he maintained that the Children who have participated have really done hard work, and those people also who were involved in this Shobha Yatra have also done very well , and a message of brotherhood have gone in the society at large, he even thanked the Shopkeepers association of R.S Pura for welcoming the Shobha Yatra by distributing Prasad at their respective stalls, which shows that how much secular they are. Youths were seen clicking “Selfies” with M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat who was in complete mood to attend each and every one who were present in the procession and in the R.S Pura Bazaar. Hundreds of children participated in the main procession. Children dressed as Krishna and Radha lined up the street as part of the procession. Children in glittering robes and ornate headgear depicting various stages of Krishna’s life, took part in the procession. Floats of Krishna idols, folk art forms, were also present. Small rallies met at Daljeet chowk and took out the Maha shobha yatra, which wound its way through Purana Pind road ,Tehsil Baazar and concluded near Bus Stand. Later on similar functions were reported from Village Gandli, Salehar, Kotli Shah Doula, Satraiyan ,Kotli Gala Bana, Chak Agra, Badyal Brahmna, and other villages around R.S Pura was also reported ,Dr.Gagan Bhagat visited in the above villages to wish the people on the occasion of Janamashtami.Traffic was diverted until the conclusion of the yatra.On the occasion Sr. V.H.P Leader Hem Raj Khajuria,BJP R.S Pura Mandal Pradhan Natharam,City President Inder Sudan,BJYM Mandal Pradhan Abhishek Gupta, Hardev Singh, Ramesh Kumar, Bishan Dass, Manoj Kumar, Raj Kumar Sharma, Manmohan Choudhary,Gurdeep Saini,Noubat Ram,Manjeet Singh,Vinod Sharma, and others were present .