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Dr Andrabi distributes daily commodities and blankets among poor residents

Chairman Education & Women Welfare Committee of Ministry of Minority Affairs of Govt of India and Bharatiya Janata Party State Vice President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today organised a public rally at Faqir Gujri in Harwan area of Srinagar where she held a Public Darbar and heard the grievances of the locals. She also toured some areas of the locality. She was accompanied by BJP District President Srinagar Fayaz Ahmad Bhat and party leaders Ali Mohamad Malik and Ajay Sharma. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi distributed blankets and other utility objects among the economically weak residents of the area. Later speaking on the occasion Dr Darakhshan said that it was painful to see this part of Srinagar looking like a backward remote hamlet. “Those who have represented this area for so many years have only ignored these poor residents and have given them nothing after taking their votes after every five years,” said Darakhshan. She said that these innocent residents have many demands which need to be fulfilled. She said that she has only begun her resolve to help these people come out of misery. In her address she announced that she will soon be recommending the cases of many youth and young women of this area for benefits and scholarships of the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs for education and women welfare so that a feeling of hope is generated among the people of this deprived locality. BJP District President for Srinagar Fayaz Ahmad Bhat thanked the people of the locality for associating themselves with BJP through Dr Darakhshan and assured them that the party as a whole will stand by the people in their mission of development and acquiring of basic facilities in the area. Ali Mohamad Malik thanked Dr Andrabi for extending her helping hand to these deserving people.