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Dr. Gagan Bhagat Inaugurates blacktopping of Kothey Kalyana road.

 Hon’ble M.L.A from Ranbir Singh Pura Constituency Dr.Gagan Bhagat inaugurated several developmental works at Ranbir Singh Pura Pura,starting from Village Kothey Kalyana he inaugurated the macadamization of Kothey Kalyana to Mullachak road ,which was the most dilapidated road in the whole constituency having a total Length-1.5 Kms , an estimated Rs. 1.00 Crores have been spent on this road under the city town road project of the State Govt. While addressing the gathering after starting the macadamization Dr.Gagan Bhagat said that the said road has never been macadamized for the last forty years, and during his election campaign he promised the people that this road will be taken on priority. Along with this road several other roads including Badyal Morh-Banota-Basti Village Link road, Kotli Shah Doula to SKUAST Link road, New Plot Salehar to Kool Kalan via Gandli main road, Chohala village Link road ,Dravtey village Link road, Malikpur-Taali Morh-Sujjadpur to Nandpur Link road, PVC Bana Singh Stadium to BSF Campus main road, Daljeet Chowk-BDO Office-ZEO Office-Agriculture Office-Ward No.10&11- Nari Niketan-Bal Ashram and Gurudwara Link road costing worth several crores will be started within one week and huge funding has been witnessed during the past two and half years, which is the most biggest achievement of the Ranbir Singh Pura Constituency
While talking with the media regarding the Road Dr. Gagan Bhagat said that this project will be completed in three working days with an estimated cost of Rs 1 Crore approx, in this phase, which will be spent on this 75 mm Macadamization , people from all walks of life who were present on the occasion thanked Dr. Gagan Bhagat for his sincere and tireless efforts for this road, and other roads of Ranbir Singh Pura Constituency as this was among the most important border link road of Ranbir Singh Pura Constituency and with the start of the work thousands of local people who are mainly poor farmers and residents of border villagers would be benefitted from it. Dr. Gagan Bhagat informed the media persons that this border road is used by several border dwelling inhabitants who go to Jammu for their routine daily jobs starting from a village milkman, vegetables to various officials, on completion of macadamization, this road it would benefit them all and was a big joy for them who reside by the side of this road, He added that the government is serious about the Village roads as the said roads were in dilapidated condition due to pot holes and ditches, and the previous government added to the fury and miseries of the common masses, except hollow promises nothing were given to them after they casted votes in their favour, now.
The Bharatiya Janta Party has got a huge mandate in the Centre, and we are running a coalition government in the state we will fulfill those promises which we have made with them but due to some political benefits some people who are coalition partners of Bharatiya Janta Party along with Congress and National Conference people created hurdles in the developmental works like they tried in case of Nashri-Chenani tunnel project ,they even several times held fake protest to mislead the common masses, But the truth always prevails , said Dr. Gagan Bhagat, while taking on the opposition parties he said that they ruled for more than sixty years and what they have done everyone knows and now what they are doing this also people know, for this road he had promised during assembly elections rally in 2014 that he will surely do it if he gets the support of people, and today as he fulfilled yet another election promise , it really feels great and a sense of satisfaction is there “ he added.He also appreciated the team of RNB Engineers, contractors and laborers who are working with full dedication day and night because we have a limited spell between September and December available for this job as this is only time when the temperature remains feasible for macadamization,” included X.E.N R.N.B Rajan Mengi A.E.E P.W.D Arvind Langeh ,S.H.O Arnia Satish Kumar, J.E. Satish Sargotra , BJP Mandal Pradhan R.S Pura Natharam, Abhishek Jamwal, Gurdeep Saini, Surat Singh Charak, Rampyara, B.R Choudhary , Kapil Sharma, Manjeet Singh, Pratap Kumar, Omkar Singh, Bunty Charak, and other prominent persons were present.