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Dr.Gagan Bhagat Inaugurates FREE EYE CAMP, tours Municipal Wards

M.L.A from R.S Pura Constituency Dr.Gagan Bhagat Inaugurated FREE EYE CAMP organized at Ward No.5, Radha Krishan Deewana Mandir by Dr.K.D Hospital group for the poor and needy persons belonging to the rural and border areas of R.S Pura. This is the 10th free eye-camp at R.S Pura Constituency within the last one year being organized by Dr.K.D Hospital in conjunction with Community Health Centre, R.S Pura, the camp provided free of cost diagnostic and treatment facilities besides conducting cataract surgeries of poor patients with the active support of Dr.Gagan Bhagat. Appreciating strenuous efforts of the Hospital in offering free service to the needy and poor ailing persons, the M.L.A emphasized the need of holding such camps on regular basis in rural and far-off parts.“Service to mankind is service to God”, opined the Legislator while asking the doctors to redouble their efforts in providing succor to people. He said that medical is a noble profession and sanctity of this pious institution should be upheld at all costs. “Doctors are considered as next to God so it becomes their prime concern to accomplish aspirations of people with all sincerity and honesty,” he said. “We take our political responsibility as an opportunity to liberate the state from the cobweb of mis-governance and nepotism thus heralding an era of new beginning”, maintained Dr.Gagan Bhagat .The Legislator said that there are a number of schemes for socio-economic emancipation of people of the state but the need is to create enabling atmosphere for the implementing agencies and the beneficiaries to get optimum results. Dr.Gagan Bhagat urged the Medical Council of India to take steps to expedite the process of setting up medical colleges in J&K to produce adequate doctors to take care of the burgeoning population. India had only 250 medical colleges, which produced 30,000 doctors every year, whereas the country produced 5.85 Lakh engineers every year, he said. While there were 350 doctors for every one Lakh population in the U.S., there were only 50 doctors for every one Lakh population in India. The MCI therefore has to take steps to set right the imbalance. Dr.Gagan Bhagat further said that he is in the intention of starting an eye hospital at this border Sub-District of R.S Pura to provide modern eye care to the people of the area. People need no longer go to Jammu or to neighboring Punjab for treatment, he maintained. Later on Dr.Gagan Bhagat toured the adjoin wards of Municipality No.5 and No.12 to ascertain the conditions of drains and the efforts of the municipality to remove the garbage and silt present in such large drains, the locals apprised the M.L.A the difficulties they face when the drains are choked, he assured them that very soon a proper plan for repairing and construction of drainage channels at R.S Pura will take place as he has been assured by the Dy.C.M Dr.Nirmal Singh who also hold the charge of Minister for Urban Development.The Radha Krishan Deewana Mandir Committee also demanded laying of Interlocked tiles at the premises of Community Guest house .Prominent among those who were present included ,Tehsildaar R.S Pura Sohan Rana, E.O R.S Pura Jodhraj ,B.M.O R.S Pura Dr.D.C Kundal, S.H.O R.S Pura Bhushan Manhas, Social Worker Rajesh Sharma Bittu, A.E.E Town Drainage Department ,J.E of U.D.D, BJP Mandal Pradhan R.S Pura Natharam, BJP Miran Sahib Mandal Pradhan, Devender Sharma,City President Inder Sudan ,Sanitary Inspector, Khilafwarzi Inspector and other prominent persons of the locality were present.