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Roll back hike in food grains prices: Prof. Virender

State BJP expressed its deep concern and anguish on the sudden increase in the price of food grains those are being provided by the Food Corporation of India under National Food Security Act without any decision at the Govt. of India level, without any decision at the State Cabinet level and in the absence of any notification from Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution (CAPD) Department, thus putting the general public to hardships.

The State BJP Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta stated that under NFSA, each individual of the approved category was to get 4 kg of atta and 1 kg of rice at the rate of Rs. 8/kg atta and Rs. 10/kg rice in Jammu province, whereas in Kashmir valley the prescribed quota per individual was 4 kg rice and 1 kg atta. However, after the resentment among the public, J&K Government provided additional food grains to each individual with 4kg of atta and 1 kg of rice in Jammu province and 4 kg of rice and 1 kg of atta in Kashmir province, but at the cost of Rs. 13/kg for atta and Rs. 15/kg for rice. Looking at the public grievance and unrest, particularly in the Valley, Union Minister, Ram Vilas Paswan, allowed the ration supplied under MMS at the rates as was specified by Govt. of India in NFSA and agreed to bear the additional financial burden for 3 months from June to September, 2016, thereby the ration both under NFSA and MSS, was provided at the rates of NFSA, i.e. Atta at Rs. 8/ kg and rice at Rs. 10/kg.

Prof. Virender Gupta said that irony is that instead of continuing with the rates of NFSA after the month of September, the Tehsil Supply Officers (TSOs), even raised the rates of the food grains provided by NFSA and kept it at par with that supplied under MMS, i.e. at the rate of Rs. 13/kg for atta and Rs. 15/ kg rice thus increasing NFSA rates from Rs. 8 to Rs. 13 atta and Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 rice, making a substantial increase of 63 per cent and 50 percent respectively, even though the Food Corporation of India is still supplying the Food Grains at the old rates to the state. He added that as per the report the existing rate of sugar is also shortly going to enhance from Rs. 13.50 / kg to Rs. 25/per kg.

The Spokesperson said that these sharp hikes are unjustified and shall adversely affect the budget of a common man and going to invite strong public protests and agitation and therefore, he appealed to the concerned authorities, including the concerned Cabinet Minister and also the Chief Minister to look into the matter and get the hike in the prices rolled back.