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Dr Narinder Singh lambasts NC for demanding Autonomy Wants Jammu Leadership of NC to Clear its Stand

Dr. Narinder Singh State General Secretary BJP joined issues with the National Conference president Dr. Farooq Abdullah for blatantly misleading the masses and speaking half-truths and post truths in the name of autonomy for the Jammu and Kashmir State. He said that Dr. Farooq Abdullah is pretending to be ignorant about the accord reached between his father, Sheikh Abdullah, and then Prime Minister of India in 1975 wherein the State could review post-1953 legislation on the concurrent list which would be sympathetically considered by the President. After 1975 accord Sheikh Abdullah constituted a committee under the chairmanship of D.D. Thakur to review post-1953 legislation. The D.D Thakur Committee recommend that all the legislative entries made during that period are in the interest of the people of the State; hence they should not be touched. Sheikh Abdullah had accepted the findings of the Committee. Why is Farooq Abdullah silent on this historical fact, and why he did not think of autonomy after assuming the office of chief ministers in 1982? , asked Dr Narinder Singh. He lambasted NC leadership for narrating half-truths thereby misleading the people of the Kashmir Valley. It was under Dr. Abdullah, those elections were rigged in the state in 1983 and 1987, and rigging of elections became a harbinger of militancy in the state. Dr. Abdullah seems to forget that Union Cabinet, of which Omar Abdullah was a part, dismissed State autonomy report of 2000. Why did not Omar Abdullah resign from union cabinet then, if he was not in agreement with the collective responsibility of the Union Cabinet? Dr. Singh lambasted Jammu leadership of the NC and its provincial president, Devender Singh Rana for creating ambiguity among the people of Jammu by his regional autonomy rant. He asked Devender Rana to clear his stand on the demand of reverting to pre 1953 position by his leader Farooq Abdullah. If Rana does not clear his stand then it should be assumed that he is a ‘caged parrot’ of Kashmir centric leadership of NC. NC has always played the dubious role in the State’s politics right from 1953 and asked its leadership to come out this policy of divisiveness. Dr. Singh also suggested that NC should accept their mistakes while governing the state and rigging the elections, and ask for forgiveness from the people of the state for their omissions and commissions.