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Dr. Narinder Singh strongly condemning the utterances of National Conference Working President & former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah

BJP State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh, while strongly condemning the utterances of National Conference Working President & former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, said that the NC leader had been most opportunist whose past itself stands witness to his politics of compromise on the so-called principles.
Dr. Narinder Singh said that Omar Abdullah today says in public that he will never enter into alliance with BJP and rather he would quit politics than compromising with the honour and dignity of the state, is nothing but a reflection of frustration after NC being given humiliating defeat in the assembly elections. He said that it is most funny that the leaders like Omar Abdullah adopt double standards while in chair and when out of power. “It is not politics aimed at serving the state or its people but a game of opportunism to fulfill lust of power by sacrificing the so-called principles which are remembered only when rejected and shown the door by the people”, said Narinder Singh and reminded that it is the same BJP which was in power when Omar Abdullah enjoyed power as MoS in Atal Behari Vajpayee’s government. He said that Omar Abdullah cannot mislead the people of the state by making false and inflammatory speeches as the people have very sharp memory regarding the past politics of such leaders.
Dr. Narinder Singh said that the people of the state, Jammu province in particular, had given mandate to BJP to form the government and our party did nothing wrong to honour the verdict of the people. There is nothing wrong in respecting the mandate given by the people and by making irresponsible statement Omar Abdullah is insulting the will of the voters.
Dr. Narinder Singh said that BJP follows the principle of ‘justice to all and appeasement to none’ and the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi too has made it loud and clear with the slogan of “sabka saath sabka vikaas”. He said that BJP is a nationalist party which do not divide the people or exploit them on the basis of region or religion for vote bank politics but stands for unity and integrity of the country and believes in maintaining communal hormony rather than backing anti-national forces.