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MLA Nowshera Ravinder Raina on Sunday starts the final Stage work of most strategic Siot-Thichka Bridge. Accompanied by executive engineer R&B RK Bhat, AEE Shouket and JE Ramesh Sharma, hundreds of people participated in the function including the Surpanches, Panches and officials of the various departments. Addressing the public Raina said it was his dream to construct this Siot-Thichka bridge as the foundation of this stone was laid in 1981 but the construction work could not taken up even three decades passed and due to which people of Nowshera Sunderbani and Kalakote suffered badly. He said during the election campaign he made a promise to construct this bridge at the earliest and after winning the election he worked hard to managed funds for this bridge and finally succeeded in his mission and started its final stage construction work. He said with the construction of this bridge people across the state will get benefits as it connects the Rajouri-Poonch main road to the border areas like Sunderbani Bajabai, Kangri, Thichka, Siot, Bakhar, Balshama, Thandapani, Chani – Prat, Lamberi, Dandesar, Bagnoti; Rajal Seri, Sayal, Nowshera and Kalakote and with this bridge the people have easy approach to reach out in these areas. He also said that this bridge will also be very useful for the movement of defense vehicles including Artillery Guns to border areas and will strengthen the military movement to counter the nefarious designs of the Pakistan. Raina appeals the public to strengthen the hands of Prime Minister Modi in building a Strong and mighty INDIA. He said all of us must work with utmost sincerity and honesty to make Our India a supper Power. He also asked the government officials to make people aware of the various beneficiary schemes launched by Prime Minister Modi so that people may get maximum benefit out of these centrally sponsored Scheme. On this occasion locals appreciated the affords of MLA for working hard for the poor and deprived people of Nowshera Constituency.