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Emergence of BJP has strengthened nationalistic forces in J&K :Sethi

The emergence of Bharatiya Janata Party on the electoral sphere of the state as a force has turned the tables on the anti national and separatist forces, who are finding it difficult to digest the electoral reality of strong nationalistic voice sitting on the seat of governance in the state. Agenda of Alliance between BJP and PDP was stitched with the thread of nationalism and has led to emergence of new political scenario in the state hitherto unconcieved .

State Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi said in a press statement that Bharatiya Janata Party is given to nationalism and has no other motive than to keep flag of nationalism fluttering high in the state and equitable growth of all the three regions without discrimination.

Sunil Sethi said that the divisive and separatist forces active in the state are making all efforts to oppose new dispensation as it will destroy their agenda and bring peace and harmony in the state. They strongly feel that Bharatiya Janata Party will not allow any anti national and divisive activities in the state and are spreading their tentacles in Jammu region and also region of Kashmir which had maintained peace but they will surely fail in their nefarious designs.

Sunil Sethi warned these anti national forces from using religion or region as tool for spreading hatred or division and said any such effort will be defeated by Bharatiya Janata Party. He said all people of the state having faith in Constitution of India and having nationalism in their thoughts and actions should feel fully protected and all assistance and support should be provided to them by state.

Sethi said that the efforts to vitiate atmosphere in Jammu since Durbar move and recent incident of raising anti national slogans in mall in Jammu are being viewed very seriously by party as this is part of chain of nefarious activities to spread hatred in Jammu.