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Rajesh Gupta inaugurates Baisakhi festival at canal road near Shiv mandir.

On this occasion their were different stalls of food items & shopping materials. For children their were different games shows & different types of swings.
On this occasion MLA Rajesh Gupta said Baisakhi festival is one of the festival when all the society get together to celebrate the festival and from these type of mela’s the economy of the area also developed and many more type of development works get started.
On this occasion he is accompanied by Canal road Shopkeepers association Vishal malhotra president, Krishan kumar, Rakesh chander, Sanjeev gandotra, Ajay narula, Vinod gupta, Labhu, Rajinder gupta and also accompanied by BJP leaders S.Gurcharan singhunil langer, Vinod gupta, Kishore, Rajesh uttma and Rajinder lochan.
The Prominents who accompanied the included Rajeev bharadwaj, Kuldeep kandhari, Ashwani Sharma, Ravi Singh, Rajinder Gupta, Rajkumar, Vinay Gupta and Rajesh Nischal.