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Enough is enough defeat enemy ‘thousand cuts’ design

Wondering how long we are going to be bled by our sworn determined enemy set to bleed India as its state policy. Country has to rise to exclaim “enough is enough, defeat its thousand cuts design’ of bleeding India through low cost proxy war, said S.S. Bijral former IGP and BJP state spokesperson.

Responding to two terrorist attacks in two days succinctly at army camp Sunjwan Jammu killing six soldiers on FEB 10 and at CRPF camp Karan Nagar Srinagar on Feb 11 Bijral observed the attacks is not a new phenomena, but a link of long chain: November 2016 Nagrota army camp attack, 7 soldiers were killed; in March 2015 two soldiers were killed at army camp Samba; a day before Samba attack police station kathua was stormed killing seven people; in 2003 attack at Sunjwan army camp 12 soldiers were killed; a month later of Sunjwan attack in 2003 fidayeen entered army camp Tanda and killed eight soldiers including one Brigadier and in 2002 in Kaluchak biggest attack terrorists targeted tourist bus and an army camp killing 38. He said this war on since 1990 is impacting state development and people welfare but we somewhere short of understanding our enemy staring us in our eyes holding Jammu Kashmir, integral part of our motherland India, its own jugular vein, and indulge in bonhomie. This while impairs our war preparedness, bolsters enemy morale and determination.

Convinced Pakistan is not going to be tamed until weakened through further splits, a gift from its rulers, Bijral stressed on need to remove veil of our complacency, girdle up for exigency, strengthen, for sure, weak links, be focused/determined under efficient accountable command to uproot enemy penetrating on its own choosing. It’s time to be aggressive following doctrine ‘offence is the best defence’ we harvested richly with in 1971 war. Let’s learn, Bijral said, from Israel grown into a world power in midst of hostile nations. Here he hailed Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman saying: “Pakistan will have to pay for this misadventure. The deaths of our soldiers won’t go in vain.”

Former senior cop emphasized, to win against enemy, people solidarity with fighting forces is a vital prerequisite, that can be earned only through dedicated, transparent, efficient and corruption free governance. Failing to so provide is helping enemy. Let’s all dedicate ourselves for nation like we did under Lal Bahadur Shastri accepting ‘enough is enough’ to see Tiranga not wrapped the martyred soldiers but flying high on the tallest ‘Mast’.