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Ever-increasing landmark achievements for J&K in BJP’s kitty: Sh. Sanjay Baru

Congress rendered issueless, is making baseless and misleading statements, this was stated by the BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru while he took a dig over the failed leadership of the Congress when Ghulam Ahmed Mir, J&K State Chief of the National Party, Congress termed the BJP-PDP alliance as opportunistic during a rally in district Reasi.

Sanjay Baru said that Congress needs an immediate self introspection that it has lost the public’s confidence due to its continuous and unabated servicing of a single political family and trying to mend money and other benefits on the sufferings of the common masses. Baru asked them to keep in view all the malpractices his party has promoted to remain in power over the ages like that of the “Emergency” which even today reminds the whole world of the blackest period in the democratic set up, gagging up all the voices in the political, social and media fraternity virtually taking the humanity to its most diminutive.

Baru also remarked that the in the history of the state of Jammu & Kashmir everybody knows that right from the rigging of the elections to other negative gimmicks, Congress has virtually harnessed every sector of black forces for the lust of power. He remarked that the BJP has come to government not to rule but to serve the people and is committed to all round development of the State and the Nation.

Sanjay Baru while enumerating the plethora of steps taken to uplift the status of masses, said that it is only the BJP led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that has ensured the deliverance of all the benefits to the targeted population by checking the loopholes within the system that were infused by Congress for the profit making of its leaders. He said that basically Congress is feeling clueless to face the masses as it is astonished to see the pace of development in the state which was totally out of sight during the last 70 years of their government. He also said that 2 AIIMS. IIT, IIM, twin Smart Cities, bunkers for the border dwellers, packages for the refugees, sports stadium in every district, development of tourist circuit and many other achievements are just a few of the ever-increasing landmark achievements for J&K in BJP’s kitty during just a period of 3 years of present dispensation.