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Everyone Must Work Towards Liberating Kashmiri Youth from the Clutches of Hurriyat: Vibodh

Salahudeen’s Family Living a Cosy Life in Kashmir : Vibodh
In order to pray for peace and harmony in the state, BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta accompanied by party leaders and workers today visited holy Shadra Sharif shrine. Upon his arrival he was accorded a rousing reception and latter Vibodh along with the locals of the area paid obeisance at the Shadra Sharif Shrine and prayed for the peace and welfare of Jammu & Kashmir. Addressing the gathering there Vibodh referred to the present situation in Kashmir and called upon all the mainstream political parties not to use this for their political gains. He said that the biggest sufferer of this turmoil is the youth of Kashmir and it is the urgent need of the hour that everyone much work together to liberate the youth of Kashmir from the vicious clutches of Hurriyat. He further added that the people of Kashmir must see the lucrative lifes of the families and Kids of the leaders of Hurriyat. While referring the lives of the family members of Syed Salahudeen, Vibodh said that his five sons and two daughters are living a cosy life in Kashmir where as he is using the Kashmir youth of the poor families for his personal gains. Moreover, his sons and daughters are employed in Government jobs in Kashmir. Everyone must understand that presently militancy has became a big business and Hurriyat leaders have accumulated huge wealth by using and exploiting the poor youth of the valley.

Such a situation in Kashmir valley calls for giving urgent attention to the fact that we must work togather to ensure that the leaders of Hurriyat do not use this for their own political and financial gains. In his address Vibodh also referred to the upcoming Amarnath Yatra and called upon the Kahmiri youth to use this opportunity to expand their own tourism bussiness in the valley instaed of getting trapped into the ugly hands of Hurriyat.
Speaking on the occasion District President BJP Dinesh Sharma,appreciated the positive role played by security forces in the valley and asked the citizens of the state to stand united behind these forces and appreciate the great sacrifices made by our security personal. On this occasion he saluted the brave soldiers and urged that there should be no compromise on the national security and integrity of our country. Senior BJP Leader Rajinder Gupta prayed for peace in the valley and hoped that upcoming tourism season will once again bring cheer on the faces of thousands of Kashmir’s whose livelihood is linked to tourism sector in the valley.
Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Atam Gupta,Raju Dutta,Sanjay Dutt,Talib Mir,Bodh Raj,Bashir Bhat,Abdul Gani Shawl,Mohs Mishri Chowdhary,Azeem Ahmed,Haji Ashraf,Amjid Khan,Qazi Khalil ul Rehman.