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Extend support to PM’s resolve on Pak: Prof Virender

BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta welcomed the statement of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the All Party Meeting, wherein he raised the issue of atrocities being committed by Pakistan on the people of Pakistan Occupied part of Jammu & Kashmir and on the people of Balochistan. He appreciated the Prime Minister’s straight talk that “whenever we talk on Jammu and Kashmir”, we must talk about all four parts of J&K including Jammu, Kashmir valley, Ladakh and even PoJK” this is the first time that Jammu, Ladakh and even PoJK are given due recognition in resolving Jammu and Kashmir issue.
Prof. Virender Gupta said that PM gave a clear indication of adopting an aggressive policy in dealing with the Pakistan, which since 1947 continued its policy of hostility against it and waged proxy war against India by sending terrorists in Kashmir and other parts of India and supporting separatist elements in the valley.
The Spokesperson also welcomed the PM’s call for extending help in mobilizing the foreign countries for the liberation of PoJK and exposing Pakistan for the human rights violation and atrocities being committed by it on people of POJK and Balochistan.
At the same time PM said that there shall be no compromise on the security and integrity of the country whereas the Govt. of India is committed to give basic rights to the people irrespective of caste, religion and creed, Prof. Virender added. He said the PM has also expressed his firm resolve to deal with terrorism by all means.
Prof. Virender appealed to the leaders of all political parties, civil society and intelligentia by large to extend full cooperation to the Govt. of India in restoring peace in the valley, resolving J&K issue and resolve of the government to liberate PoJK and support Balochistan in its struggle against the cruel and savage rule of Pakistan.