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Apologize for being root cause of Kashmir unrest: Bijral

Kashmir once again is on fire with over 50 killed, over 3000 injured, including securitymen, in 35 days of violent unrest, curfew and normal life thrown out of gear. One is traumatised seeing those responsible for this grim situation advocating central govt to address root cause of unrest.
S.S. Bijral Ex-IGP, BJP state spokesperson quoted B.K. Nehru Governor J&K (1981-1984) as mentioned in his memoir ‘Nice Guys Finish Second’ (614-5) published in 1997: “From 1953 to 1975 Chief Ministers of J&K had been nominees of Delhi. Their appointment to that post was legitimised by the holding of farcical and totally rigged elections in which Congress party led by Delhi’s nominee was elected by huge majorities”.
The spokesperson further cited 1978 recorded observation of prominent Hindu Kasmmiri journalist and activist Prem Nath Bazaz: “ After independence rulers of J&K were not the freely chosen representatives of the people……… but were the nominees and protégés of the central Congress Govt. Not even once the elections were fair and free ……….it was sure by hook or by crook to win the majority at the polls, most of its candidates were declared elected without contest.”
Bijral said the time ticking explosive planted by NC+ Congress in 1953 finally surfaced in 1987 when with voter turnout of 75% NC- Congress alliance won 66 seats (NC 40+ Cong 26). Allegations of rampant malpractices and rigging were levelled with Kashmiris including separatists alleging that denial of democratic right, voiced concern for open recourse to unconstitutional methods to fight against unjust trampling of rights. MUF having backing of separatists won only four seats while they expected to sweep polls. Corrupt, failed administration encouraged Pakistan incited Kashmiri youth to cross over, receive arms training to begin an armed secessionist movement. Thus began the journey of once ‘janat’ onto road to ‘hell’.
Citing it gift from Congress, NC combine, Bijral said actors who played havoc in their decades long rule, now shed glycerine tears pass jibes at PM who expressed concern for beautiful Kashmir, ‘to not love the land but love Kashmiris’ as if they (the suckers) had shed blood for kashmiris. Bijral said Congress having befooled Kashmiris all along, its tall leader Azad amazingly had acumen to say in parliament: yeh haalat hoyee hai jab se aap ke qadam wahan padheiy”, pointing to BJP.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee as PM inducted principals of ‘insaniyat, jhamooriyat, Kashmiriyat’ into suffering J&K. Era of fair and free elections started with turnout: 2002 (45%), 2008 (60.5%), 2014 (65.23%). Power hungry blood suckers unsatisfied with ‘vegetarianism’, changing focus and modus operandi earned ‘most corrupt state’ title for state. Victimised masses served easy fodder for hostile Pakistan. We bleed for sins of our own.
BJP spokesperson advocated : 1) Presidents of NC and INC to apologise to seek atonement of their sins committed against people. 2) Centre govt. to issue WHITE PAPER for all it did to build up economically strong state since its accession and failings of the govts of time to help people know who are friends , who are enemies. 3) Proactively we should strive to claim PoK as per resolution passed in Parliament. 4) We need to reach out to Kashmiri people as our own Hindustani with spirit of ‘sevak’ of Bharat as extolled by PM Narendra Modi calling himself Pradhan Sevak.