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Farooq following Sheikh’s footstep: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta, while commenting on Farooq Abdullah statement that “India and Pakistan should reconcile with the parts in their control and 1994 Indian Parliament unanimous resolution does not matter thereby questioning the Indian’s stake on POJK”, said that Farooq Abdullah is following the footsteps of his father, who did not allow the advance of Indian forces to vacate the area of Jammu and Kashmir that presently in occupation of Pakistan. He added that because of Sheik Abdullah’s this action about a lakh of Hindus and Sikhs residing in POJK, including Gilgit and Balistan, were massacred, their women folk were abducted and raped and said that this act of Sheikh was aimed to keep his hegemony on the left part of Jammu and Kashmir. He further said that the people of POJK speak Pathwari, Punjabi, Gilgit and Balistani and there is not even a one square km of area in POJK that people of which speak Kashmiri language; the Muzzfrabad which was part of Kashmir Province was not got vacated as it was non- Kashmiri speaking area.

Prof. Virender Gupta criticized Farooq Abdullah for indirectly supporting the demand of Plebiscite in Kashmir by misinterpreting the UN resolution. He reminded the UNO resolution accepted Pakistan as a Aggressor and asked it to vacate the areas of Jammu and Kashmir that had forcefully occupied, handing it to India, before the Plebiscite could be held. But it was Pakistan which not acted upon the first two parts of UNO resolution so that Plebiscite could have taken place.

The Spokesperson asked Farooq Abdullah for not misinterpreting the UNO resolution and stop the policy of provoking and intigating separatist forces in the valley, simply for his political gains.