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Farooq insulting Parliament Resolution: BJP

Statements inviting ridicule from all quarters: Balbir

State unit of BJP has strongly condemned recent utterances of NC President Dr Farooq Abdullah on country’s stand over POJK and asked him not to speak in a tone and tenor that will only invite ridicule from all quarters. Lamenting that after having been turned irrelevant in the state’s politics and short of any issue to rake up , the NC and its top leaders have now stooped low that they do not even feel shy in questioning the very sovereignty of the Parliament, the Stat BJP has termed it as the most unfortunate and sheer reflection of frustration of Dr. Farooq Abdullah and his party men.
BJP State Spokesperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, while reacting to the statement of National Conference President and Former Chief Minister that “India can’t take PoK”, said that the NC head is negating the objective of the February 22, 1994 Unanimous Resolution of the Indian Parliament which reads as “Pakistan must vacate the areas of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, which they have occupied through aggression”.
Strangely, Abdullahs are not worried about this side of Kashmir and Kashmiris but are interested in their own survival which is why they rake up such issues which they very well know have no meaning, nor any relevance. They also fully know it that the citizens of POJK and Gilgit-Baltistan, who are primarily Pahari, Pothowari and Shia Muslims, are fed up with the atrocities being committed on them by Pakistan and are yearning to reunite with India. If this happens, it would endanger the political supremacy being enjoyed by a handful of valley based leaders like Abdullahs, the very thought of which is making them feel threatened for their survival and hence such statements coming out, the BJP leader said.
It is just to refresh their memories that under the Instrument of Accession as signed by Maharaja, the whole of Jammu and Kashmir state was merged in the Indian Union and as per the Constitution, the Jammu &Kashmir state that existed before 15th August 1947 is and shall be integral part of India. Therefore, it is obligatory on part of the Indian Union to work towards liberating that part which is presently under the illegal occupation of Pakistan.
Though India did not made any positive effort in the past to get liberated that part but that does not mean that it should not fulfill its obligation and the commitment that was made in the Parliament towards the people of POJK and that of the Indian Nation. As India is emerging a world power and it looks a possibility of getting back the PoJK areas, the negative statements of politicians like Farooq Abdullah can not weaken its resolve, he added.