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Farooq should rescue PoJK people from Pak atrocities: Prof Virender

“Remaining silent for 90 days of turmoil in the valley, Farooq Abdullah is being seen as giving regular sermons, criticizing the actions of PDP-BJP government pleading for dialogue with the separatists and Pakistan and offering his services to facilitate dialogue for solving political issues of Kashmir”, Prof. Virender Gupta, BJP State Spokesperson termed this as merely a political gimmick, trying to reestablish the lost credential of National Conference.

He observed that on earlier occasions also, whenever there were critical situation in the state Farooq always preferred to skip from the scene Prof. Virender reminded the people of 1990 happenings when he ran away from the state and returned back when the situation started improving to claim the seat of power. Prof. Virender questioned Farooq, on whose brief or behest he is acting to issue regular statements in favour of holding dialogue with separatists and Pakistan and want to become mediator. He also questioned Farooq for criticizing the actions of the present government of making arrests of separatists and those indulging in anti-national and anti-social activities under PSA and asked him how many arrests were made when he got the rein of State in 1996 and how many people were killed during his Chief Ministership.

Prof. Virender Gupta appreciated the concern of Farooq Abdullah on the agony of the people residing near borders due to shelling from other side and asked him to use his personal influence to get stopped the shelling by Pakistan forces. He further said that talk of peace and dialogue at this juncture is irrelevant when the country is facing a proxy war thrusted on it and our jawans and common men are being killed every day and added that Farooq Abdullah should work for get political solution for those living in POJK and are facing atrocities of Pakistan government.