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Farooq’s statement instigating the Valley youth: Prof Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta strongly condemned the statement of Farooq Abdullah, the National Conference President, who has termed the present turmoil in the Valley as the fight of new generation of militants for freedom of nation (Kashmir Valley) and said that such type of provocative and instigating statement is not expected from a person who remained Chief Minister of the state and Union Minister. He added that his this statement proves beyond doubt that Farooq Abdullah is responsible for the present state of affairs in the Valley that started during the period when he was Chief Minister of the state, before 1990. The Spokesperson said that He is speaking out of frustration as his party, including his son, Omar Abdullah were dethroned by the people of the state because of their mal-practices, corrupt administration and anti-people policies. He said that this outburst of Farooq is aimed to recapture the lost political ground as a preparation for contesting forthcoming election of Member of Parliament.

Prof. Virender Gupta asked Farooq Abhdullah to lead the militants among younger generation as per his statement issued a month back where he expressed that he was joining Hurriyat Conference in their present struggle, instead of contesting election for Lok Sabha. There he has to take oath of Indian Constitution and integrity of India to which he is questioning in his present statement. He refreshed the memory of Farooq Abdullah that Government of India had not given any promise to grant Azadi to the Valley. The NC members in the Constituent Assembly of India agreed to be the part of Indian Union; the Delhi Accord of 1952 and Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir State confirmed the accession of J&K State with Indian Union.

After that there was no question of any Plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly when Pakistan did not implement the UNO Resolution asking it to Vacate the forcible occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir and surrender the same into the jurisdiction of Indian. He added that after 1974-75 Accord between Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Abdullah that installed National Conference in power the fight for Azadi and Farooq Abdullah’s support to it becomes absurd.
Prof. Virender Gupta expressed his surprise on the statement of Farooq Abdullah who opposed the release of terrorists, including Hafiz Sayeed as a bargain against the release of captives in a plan high jacked by the terrorists and the person who tried to bring normalcy in the valley by dealing the separatists and terrorists with iron hand, after 1996.