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Fayaz Ahmad Bhat appreciated the Prime Minister’s bold statement during All-Party meeting at New Delhi

Fayaz Ahmad Bhat who is the Member National Council BJP & BJP District President Srinagar has appreciated the Prime Minister’s bold statement during All-party meeting at New Delhi. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat appreciated and supported the bold initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that “When Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister he had adopted the path of INSANIYAT, JAMHURIYAT AND KASHMIRIYAT and we walk the same road. Governments of India and Jammu & Kashmir, besides 125 crore Indians, wish you well. They want your development. Whatever India has to give for your development, we are ready to give.” He also welcomed the statement of the Prime Minister that Pakistan needs to be exposed globally by highlighting its atrocities in PoK and Balochistan and claimed that by stating that talks will be held with all the stakeholders on Kashmir, Modi has allayed the fears of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

While giving compliment to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for taking personal interest in J&K State said that now BJP/PDP Government of state under the overall dynamic Leadership and directions of Narendra Modi will ensure all kinds of development and everlasting Peace. He said that all cadres and ranks of BJP particularly those who have worked during last 25 years of turmoil in Kashmir while keeping BJP Flag high at the risk of their lives, today treat BJP and PDP forming Govt. together as success of their ideology. He said that now BJP/ PDP will present the ideology of Peace on same Platform, So that people of Kashmir feel proud of being true Indians. He said that Hence Forth as the result of our joint efforts with our joint Ideology no adverse force which are sympathetically towards violence will not exist. He said people of Kashmir have started abhorring violence and anti Indian feelings and now they shall be presented to the world as true citizen of our country. He said that the both PDP/BJP has given true representation to the best persons in the govt. and we all will help them in their mission of development and Peace.